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Metaphysics is a spiritual philosophy that stems from an awareness that we live in a universe of Infinite Intelligence that permeates all things. Recognising this universal Presence within us, helps us discover the laws and principles that govern our existence and put them to use in our daily lives.

Metaphysics enables us to go beyond our human limitations and move towards our spiritual nature. Working with these transformative principles and by connecting to our own inner wisdom through meditation and self-inquiry, we can restore our faith in life and in ourselves. The self-knowledge this brings, reveals our unique ability to create the life we want to live.



Metaphysical counselling is a self-empowering therapy that enables us to uncover and address the imbalances in our belief system that cause conflict and prevent us from living a successful life. 


Often these beliefs are so unconscious that we don’t even know they are there. As an experienced practitioner, I work with my clients to identify the underlying causes and conditions responsible for their suffering and find a lasting resolution through self-examination and understanding. 

The aim of this psycho-spiritual approach is to guide individuals towards living a more authentic life by making conscious choices. It can help us transform all aspects of life from health, relationships, and self-worth to career, financial stability and happiness.


Metaphysical counselling involves a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to problem solving. By drawing on psychological strategies and spiritual teachings, I gradually guide my clients towards self-discovery and personal realisation. I've helped people address:

            •    Depression & anxiety

            •    Childhood trauma

            •    Lack of direction

            •    Relationship difficulties

            •    Inner conflict and crisis

            •    Bereavement and loss

            •    Low self esteem

Once we identify the root of the problem, I can teach you to draw on your own self-healing power and give you the tools to turn life’s adversities into opportunities. 

"Truth is within ourselves.
There is an innermost centre in us all,
Where the Truth abides in fullness; and to know 
Rather consists in opening out a way
From which the imprisoned splendour may escape 
Than in effecting entry for a light
Supposed to be without."
- Robert Browning

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